DIY Solar Energy

DIY Solar Energy for your Home

Are you looking into Solar Energy for Homes? Find Solar Energy Panel and build a DIY Solar Water Heater.

Ways You Save With Solar Energy

  • Lower your electric bill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Stabilize your utility costs
  • Increase your property value
  • Reduce utility power dependence
  • Enjoy decades of free hot water
  • Extend your swimming seasons
  • Power your home pollution-free
  • Maintain power during utility outages
  • Decades of low maintenance energy
  • Be as energy independent as you like
  • Less use of fossil fuels and foreign oil

Solar energy Residential Case Studies

“If you live in Florida, you’re crazy
not to harness the sun’s free energy!” —Charlotte Weaver, Homeowner

Solar Energy Need

Like most homeowners, Charlotte’s water heater accounted for a major part of her energy costs. And because she enjoys a heated pool, that too ran up her electric bill. When she calculated the many benefits of harnessing free Florida sunshine, she decided to get solar energy.

Solar Solution

Charlotte chose to install her solar water heater and pool heater. As Charlotte sees it, solar energy is free, reliable and ever abundant in the
Sunshine State. That’s why she encourages everyone she knows to take advantage of this natural energy source and help the environment in the process.


Charlotte’s solar water heater saves 20-25% on her monthly electric bill. Now that her pool is also solar-heated, she’s able to enjoy it more often than she previously could. It’s been such a positive experience, she convinced her daughter to go solar and is hoping more people will discover the many ways to save with solar energy.

“My biggest payback? Being green and loving it! We have all the sun in the world here in Florida. Why not use it? It’s free, it’s clean and it works.”

Solar Energy is the way to go to save money!

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