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In today’s world of computer technology, companies and individuals depend on fast reliable services. Geeky Nerd offers a vast range of IT solutions to meet your entire home and business needs. Our highly trained technician provides professional, high-quality service at affordable reasonable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business or home location. We are a PC Repair Service Company and Electronics Retailer that takes care of its customers! We at Geeky Nerd are the #1 Jacksonville Computer Repair company!

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Geeky Nerd Computer Repair

Geeky Nerd is a leading on site computer services company. Geeky Nerd technicians have helped many small businesses and homeowners with their computer needs.


Geeky Nerd Computer Repair can provide be of assistance with all of your computer and networking wants.

Here are just a only some of the services that we offer. Email us now, to discuss your needs

* Jacksonville Laptop Repair, Jacksonville Wireless Laptop Networking, Laptop Virus Removal – We can repair your laptop at Geeky Nerd.  Hardware problems or software, we can do it all.

* Wireless Networking/Wireless Network Security. Is your wireless network secured?  Most wireless routers are configured to allow anyone in the area access to your internet connection and network.

* Virus removal and anti-virus protection.  We can make sure that your system is set to protect you 24 hours per day automatically.

* Data recovery from systems that will no longer boot. Let us save those important files on your system before you get a new drive installed.  In most cases we can recover the data unless the drive is completely shot.

* Computer repair, upgrades, configuration, hard drive replacement. We can locate and obtain the parts for you, or we can install and configure parts that you have already purchased yourself.

* Parental Control and monitoring.  Control / monitor time of usage, web sites visited, and chat conversations of your children

* Setup and Training.  Buying a computer from CompUSA, Best Buy, Dell or Gateway? (or any where else). Don’t pay the High prices of the “Big” stores to setup your computer. We will come to your house to help you set it up, transfer data from your old system, and answer any questions you have.  We can also assist you in setting up and configuring your Comcast Cable or Bellsouth DSL service.

* Custom Work – We can Custom Build a computer for you. If you are a gamer or just e-mailing. We van build the right computer for you.

Rates –

On-Site – Most On-Site services are billed at $35.00 per hour.

In-Shop – If the repair is complicated or time consuming, or if time is not critical, you can generally save money with our In-Shop Service.   Most In-Shop repairs are completed in 3-7 days.  If you need your computer done fast we can do that to.

Travel Charge – There is no Travel Charge at Geeky Nerd ever!

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Geeky Nerd Computer Repair Services

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